Case studies

We have helped numerous companies on their journey to success. Get a glimpse of how we managed to do it.

How to convince foreign students to make one of the biggest decisions of their lives and apply online to come study in one of the member universities of Finland University?

Yogaia's wanted to find out ways to scale the effect of on-going digital marketing activities in order to maximize business growth with a limited budget.

Reima was a very well-known children’s wear brand in its native Finland, but relatively unknown in the neighbouring Sweden. The ambitious retailer had set it’s vision to become the leading children’s wear brand in the world

HOK-Elanto needed a trustworthy partner to help them to rethink the strategic approach.

Paroc had developed a totally new, horizontal solution for industrial panelling. They wanted to launch the product across five different markets; Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Germany in which the brand awareness varied dramatically.